Month: December 2013

Man Buns: Actual Pros and Cons

As you might have gathered from Eleanor’s article, man buns have become quite the hot topic in our household. To be clear, I’m not actually against man buns. What I am against is Eleanor’s obsession with them.

Let’s just say that I used to enjoy when my older sister would play with my hair. Unfortunately, man buns have entered the picture and have put a damper on the festivities. While I admit that there are a few select people who can pull off the man bun style, I am certainly NOT one of them.

So stop giving me man buns, Eleanor!

Eleanor’s obsession aside, even though I’m not technically against man buns, I’m definitely not for them, either. I honestly just don’t think they’re that great.

My sister made some strong cases with good quality photographs of hot hipsters, but the man bun fad is frankly getting out of control.

I’m sure some guys can pull off tie-dye leopard pants as well, but that just means that some guys can pull off anything — not that tie-dye leopard pants are the best.

  • Pro: I agree that the men in the particular pictures that Eleanor showed looked great.
  • Con: That’s not often what man buns look like in everyday life, and there are many more styles of man buns that do not work as well.

Case in point:man-bun-hair

Shot_02 006 a_4x-horizontal


  • Con: There are also a lot of guys who just can’t pull off a man bun, but they try anyway:


If you want your hair out of your face, guys, cutting it is a very viable option:




  • Pro: Good-looking man buns on good-looking people look great from the side. Most pictures have this profile shot as well because…
  • Con: They don’t look as good from the front. I personally don’t like the look of a guy’s hair completely slicked back .

Here are two pictures of the same, beautiful actor Eleanor used, Avan Jogia. While he’ll always look good, I definitely like him better when his hair isn’t stuck to his head.

avan-jogia-bio-photo nm2240326


Same with Jared Leto:

jared-leto Jared-Leto-photo

jared-jared-leto-21276309-1910-2560 jared-leto-unesco-charity-gala-01


So, for the sake of conclusions and clarifications:

I don’t hate man buns, but I don’t love them, either. I think there are better-looking hairstyles that a guy could have.

However, here is a picture of the one man who is my exception to the rule. He can, without a doubt, make it work, and I don’t wouldn’t want him to ever have any other hairstyle.


Oh, Shang. Don’t ever change.


For those of you out there who are thinking, “Well, he’s animated. Of course it looks good,” think again. Here’s one more photo for thought. Notice the slightly blurry guys in the background? They are also animated, and they also have man buns, and it’s just not working for them like it is for Shang.











Man Buns: Hot or Not?

Okay, so, this is an issue on which my sister and I are, to say the least, divided. And it’s an issue that is just so very important.

We’re talking about man buns. That is a bun- on the head of a man.

I’d like to start my argument with this:


I mean, I really don’t think I need to say more, but just in case (and just for good measure, and really just cuz I can):


Just look at its majesty.





It’s almost too much… And yet…


And don’t. Do NOT get me started on the glory that is Jason Momoa


I mean, the man knows how to bun.


Game of Man Buns:




I can’t even handle it.

In all honesty, I don’t even know why this is up for debate. Clearly, the man bun is in. I’m right. And that’s all that matters.