Month: March 2014

Benedict Cumberbatch and his Undeniably Snape-like Voice

First of all, I would like to start by saying that the fact that Violet feels so strongly about an off-handed comment on the similarities of 2 men’s voices is absolutely ridiculous. Seriously, Vi, had I known this whole argument would have been triggered, I would have kept my opinion (no matter how simple and plainly obvious it may be) to myself.

Now, to the matter at hand. To Mr. Cumberbatch’s credit (and to Violet’s), he is indeed a fantastic actor. On this we will always agree. I will also stop to note that Alan Rickman is an amazing actor. (As for Snape, well, that path may just be a little too dark, too treacherous for a simple blog post. A discussion for another time, perhaps.)

*Side note: For a fun, interactive activity, try singing Benedict Cumberbatch to the tune of Queen’s “Another One Bites the Dust.”

And as different as these actors/men may be, you cannot combat that both of them (especially when Alan Rickman is portraying Snape) have deep, methodical voices. For the sake of argument, we will use Benedict specifically as Sherlock. Both Sherlock and Snape have an ever-running inner monologue that the audience/other characters are not necessarily privy to. So, when they speak it is very calculated and direct. I will give you that Snape will draw things out whereas Sherlock speaks quickly, but in terms of sound and sound alone (the only thing on freakin trial here), there is a definite similarity. So much so, that he has been asked to do impressions on late night shows:

Now to looks. While I can appreciate a man’s talent, I will not be so blinded as to say his… unconventional, shall we say, features are attractive. Maybe calling him a weird alien was out of line, but still.
















No, actually, I stand by my statement.

He is a weird alien giraffe man. Just look at this candid photo:


See what I mean?

Violet, you are my little sister, and I love you dearly, but I cannot with integrity admit that he is a gorgeous anything. However, I will say, he is a sight to behold (however you wanna take that).

Benedict Cumberbatch is Gorgeous and Sounds Absolutely Nothing Like Snape

There’s usually at least one thing Eleanor and I can actually agree on: our love for Benedict Cumberbatch.

While this is still true (what’s not to love?), I’ve found out recently that Eleanor and I have very different opinions on a few things. Shocker!

Here’s what happened: Eleanor and I were having a lovely conversation about the lovely person that is Benedict Cumberbatch when, suddenly, Eleanor casually mentioned how he sounds like Snape and looks like a weird alien. She continued talking like she hadn’t just spoken blasphemy, so I had to stop her to make sure I had heard her correctly. Had she actually just compared the devastatingly gorgeous voice of Benedict Cumberbatch to the voice of the character Snape in Harry Potter and decided that they were the same?!

She looked at me like it was the most normal statement in the world, responding with a simple, “Yeah.”

Well, Eleanor, since I was somewhat incoherent during my rant on the couch after that, I’ve decided to write this comprehensive list of similarities and differences between Cumberbatch and Snape (as depicted in the movies by the great Alan Rickman). As you will see, my conclusion is that the differences STRONGLY outweigh the similarities…like by a landslide.


  • Both Severus Snape and Benedict Cumberbatch have English accents (this is the end of the list of similarities)


  • Snape has a droll, monotone voice
  • Cumberbatch has a voice that displays an array of emotions
  • You would not want to listen to Snape read an entire book on tape
  • Cumberbatch has done just that. He is in high demand when it comes to audio books.
  • Snape’s voice is not soothing. It’s actually quite devious.
  • Cumberbatch’s voice is arguably one of the most soothing and lovely voices to listen to.
  • Cumberbatch plays a dragon in The Hobbit quite brilliantly. Another example of the great things he can do with his voice.

I don’t even begin to rest my case, but these examples will do for now unless someone needs more convincing.

Now, I was so flabbergasted — yes, flabbergasted — by Eleanor’s out-of-the-blue statement comparing Snape and Cumberbatch that I didn’t even have a chance to reply to her “weird alien” comment when she said it. I figured it’d be easiest to combat with visual aids anyway, so here goes:

First off, this man can pull off virtually any hair color, though my personal favorite on him is dark brown:

Benedict-Cumberbatch-War-Horse-Photoshoot-benedict-cumberbatch-32651064-2250-3000 tumblr_inline_mvvruoXqc31r730h6

He even pulls off facial hair in a breathtakingly amazing way:


Next, I love how he looks in Sherlock.
Once while Eleanor and I watched it, she pointed out that they have him wear a lot of scarves, and she said that they’re trying to cover up his long neck. She then proceeded to call him a giraffe. While I cannot deny the fact that he does indeed have a longer than average neck, I stand by my belief that he is an extremely cute giraffe, and he can definitely pull off scarves. Let’s be real, he can pull off most anything:


Finally, those EYES. Stare at them for 10 seconds and then tell me that you still aren’t swayed even the slightest bit:

benedict-cumberbatch-eyes1 tumblr_mwetr8qN7y1r1eamko2_500 eyes

At the VERY least, you have to admit, Eleanor, that he’s a gorgeous alien.

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