Month: April 2014

Julie Plum: Girl Exorcist

Oh, Julie Plum. Where to start. Let’s begin with the positives.

Yay for strong female protagonists! It’s always nice seeing a strong female leader that doesn’t need a man to save her. Unfortunately for her boyfriend, this left him no purpose in the book; thus, he was just there to basically carry her purse. He didn’t even carry the backpack with the heavy incantation book. Nope, her awesome, strong female friends got to do that.

Now I’m brought to one of the negatives: poor characterization. Either get rid of the boyfriend altogether in the story, or actually give him a personality that makes you understand why Julie Plum is with him in the first place. He could have been at least street smart and offered some skill/benefit to the team. But, no, he had to get lost in a ghost town at least three times. Emphasis on ghost town. I don’t understand how he kept getting lost. It’s called listen for the only voices for hundreds of miles and follow those voices to your girlfriend. I’m ashamed to say that I did find it entertaining every single time he would fall down stairs or trip on tree roots. If he isn’t capable of being any help to Julie, he might as well make us laugh, right?

So, basically, Julie Plum is the supernatural version of Nancy Drew. Numerous plot holes il_570xN.242063081aside, it was quite entertaining. Her two friends Tyler and Betty definitely reminded me of George and Bess, Nancy’s friends, and they brought some fun comic relief once in a while. They would bring helpful insights at times that would help Julie solve a puzzle or figure out a clue, and they of course were the ones toting around the mighty Latin incantations book.

I hate to be nitpicky, but I have to admit that I was a little disappointed with the Latin phrases. They were inconsistent, for one, which shouldn’t have been a problem because Julie was reciting the same paragraph throughout the story (so the paragraph shouldn’t have changed…). I’m also not sure how much research was gone into the Latin words and phrases. I’m no expert, but I’m pretty sure the word expelliarmus has no place in an exorcism.

Overall, Julie Plum: Girl Exorcist wasn’t half-bad. Now, I’m not saying it’s half good, either, but it wasn’t the worst writing ever, and it was a quick, entertaining read. Just don’t expect a work of literature if you decide to sit down and read it. I admit I wasn’t expecting the book to surround only one exorcism (attempted multiple times), so be prepared; you will be in that ghost town for the entire book. Don’t be waiting for them to go somewhere better. If you do decide to read it, I suggest that you go in with the lowest expectations possible (maybe read Eleanor’s review again) in order to actually be able to enjoy it. Low expectations are key.


Julie Plum: Crap Exorcist

What total and utter crap.

Update: Violet has informed me that this does not actually constitute a review. I don’t think this particular book deserves any more of my time, but to appease my sister, here we go. Begin rant.

Brief Synopsis: A 16 year old girl runs around a (literal) ghost town looking to exorcise a demon accompanied by 2 friends and a useless tagalong boyfriend.

That’s it. That’s the whole story.

For some reason, this town in Anywhere, USA (but totally MidWest, let’s be honest) is completely evacuated of all living inhabitants because of a single demon possessed boy. Apparently there were no priests or any other kind of professional that could have been called, so bring in the inexperienced teen!

This quickly brings into questioning, who is paying this girl? Is the city paying her? Are there even still city officials/finances to pay her?? And what happened to the people who did live in this city? Did they just find the demon possessed and pick up and go? Is this why the city in Footloose became the city in Footloose? These are not questions to disturb a certain author, it would seem.

Whatever the back story, young Julie Plum, our “heroine” (and I’m seriously stretching the meaning of the word), takes to her first exorcism. Followed closely by her friends who are really only there to carry giant books of Latin incantations. –I would like to note how easy it just was to convey the idea that Latin incantations were spoken. It literally took no Latin. This chick wrote out e v e r y incantation that was used in its entirety. I swear I skimmed through half the book, because why would I ever take the time to read through a language I don’t speak or understand.-

At least her friends had some kind of use. Because otherwise we would only be left with her fumbling, bumbling boyfriend. This guy screwed up every attempt at the exorcism. It actually took them the entire book to exorcise a single demon because this idiot wouldn’t just stay in the car!

Above all else, all I can say is: Girls, just leave it to the (extremely attractive) professionals.