Broadway Baby: My Life Is Complete

I cannot stop screaming. It’s bad (but AMAZING). Eleanor has threatened to take away my computer because I keep watching it. “What is ‘it’?” you ask? Oh. Let me tell you. “It” is what will change the lives of our generation. “It” is what will cause Eleanor to not be able to stand me for months. “It” is a BOY PARADE MOVIE!!!!!!! Your eyes are not deceiving you; you read that correctly. Boy Parade, the amazing band with angelic voices, is coming to the big screen. I know. My brain can barely comprehend it as well.

If there are sparse individuals out there who still have no clue who Boy Parade is (I’ve met a few more recently; crazy, I know), then feel free to read my previous Boy Parade article that explains a bit more about them.

So, back to important business. Here’s what I can tell so far from the trailer for Broadway Baby: Taking Broadway to the Streets:

-The movie seems to be surrounding Danny (obviously, because he’s the lead singer in the band). And Danny goes to New York to go on Broadway. Once Broadway rejects him (shut up, Eleanor), he decides to make his own Broadway show that he can be in and perform in front of Broadway in the street (apparently this is legal? Ah, who cares).

-Eric (*swoon*) plays Danny’s disapproving older brother (who also happens to live in New York). But once he gets over the disapproving bit, he agrees to write the songs for the off-off-off-off Broadway play.

-Miles and Justin P. seem to be playing a couple that are veteran Broadway choreographers/dancers. And they agree to help out Danny with his play endeavors, choreographing as well as participating in the play.

-Justin T. seems to be a nightclub DJ? Well they befriend him somehow, and he agrees to act as composer and write the music for Eric’s lyrics.

-The main song of the show (which was already partly shown in the trailer and I’m sure will be on radios before the movie comes out) is called “Play on Parade,” which seems quite fitting.


Here’s the rundown of their names in the movie:

  • Danny is now Billy
  • Eric is Chris? (I’m not sure. I could’ve sworn someone in the trailer actually called him Eric…so we’ll see)
  • Miles is Robby
  • Justin P. is Ronnie
  • Justin T. is DJ (apparently this is both his profession and his name)


I don’t know about you, but I am sooooo super duper extraordinarily excited to see this when it comes out. This is one to see opening night, for sure. I’m stoked. Eleanor may not admit it, but she’s pretty stinkin’ excited as well (I know cause I heard her screaming in her room earlier).

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