Supernatural: Be Still My Scared Senseless Heart

Supernatural is amazing. I have no idea how I’m going to catch up, though. Eleanor knows that I can’t watch them alone, so now that she’s marathoned them without me (thanks, sis), she’s definitely not as eager to re-watch them with me. I need her there, though, to tell me what’s going on (I do miss information here and there when I watch through my fingers)!

I’m also hesitant to keep watching now cause apparently Sam loses his soul??? (You know me, Eleanor. You saying “Spoiler” before a sentence just makes me need to read the sentence that much more…)

Speaking of Sam, I felt like he was grievously overlooked in my sister’s article. I definitely think Sam deserves more credit than he’s given sometimes. While I love Dean, I looooove Sam. He’s so sensitive and caring (while still kicking demon butt hardcore), and he has a great bedside manner.

Let’s be honest: Sam Winchester is the actual brains of the operation. While Dean hits first and asks questions later (an admittedly good characteristic to have in his profession), Sam observes his surroundings and figures out what devious thing is happening in a town and what devious creature is actually behind the strange happenings in said town.

Also, Sam’s storyline is crucial to the plot and is the reason the show’s been able to run for as long as it has been. Mysterious powers, weird demon friends, sketchy demon encounters as an infant, visions, etc. This guy’s got it all.

Finally, have you seen that jaw line? Those eyes, that height, those arms, that smile… you get the gist. Yup, I’m ready to start watching again.

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